The most valued incentive campain so far!

When you receive a request from the American headquarters of one of the world’s largest employment agencies, Indeed, to provide nearly 7,000 employees in 22 countries with a custom-made suitcase at the same time, you understand that you are going to have to perform.

What was the question?

Every year at Christmas, all Indeed employees receive a gift to thank them for their efforts and commitment that year. At first glance, the request we received from Indeed was simple: “create a real Indeed suitcase that employees would be proud to travel with and deliver it to nearly 7,000 employees in 22 countries, at the same time, the week before Christmas”.

What did we do?

After intensive brainstorming sessions with the people at Indeed, we developed a suitcase in the typical Indeed colour, with an embossed Indeed logo on the front and finished with an Indeed blue lining on the inside. In addition, we developed matching packing cubes to symbolise Indeed’s strong values of “organisation” and “planning”.

All products were then adapted per country to local laws and regulations in the field of product safety and the use of certain (raw) materials and extensively tested to guarantee this. All communication in and on the suitcase, such as a thank you card from Indeed’s management, was then adjusted per language area, after which all suitcases were sent to 22 countries from two locations to arrive with all employees in the week before Christmas!

What was the result?

The most complex assignment we have ever executed in the whole of our existence, from design, production and testing to fulfilment and global logistics, was so successful that the CEO of Indeed US wrote to us that this is “the incentive campaign most valued by employees that we have developed so far”. And that’s why we do it!

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