A truly unique custom-made suitcase

There are those brands that you would really like to make something beautiful for. And so, when Yellow and Red from M&M’s ask you one day to develop their own suitcase for them, our creative heart naturally jumps for joy!

What was the question?

M&M’s – a part of MARS – sponsors many sporting events, including the European and World Cup Football, and invite many of their customers and associates. The question they asked us was therefore understandable: “design and develop a cheerful M & M’s hand luggage suitcase with which our customers and associates can travel to the events that we sponsor and to which we invite them .”

What did we do?

With the help of M&M’s extensive corporate identity manual, we made a number of sketches of suitcases that met the requirements of the briefing. We then presented these to M&M’s, after which a definitive model was determined. This was then worked out in detail, including custom-made zippers, wheels, handles, etc. So, a truly unique custom-made suitcase.

What was the result?

The result is a highly sought-after suitcase that has been part of M&M’s sponsorship program for over four years and is now used in more than 15 countries. And given the fact that MARS sets very strict requirements with regard to product safety, sustainability and traceability, and we can always meet these, we are quite proud of that!

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